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Do Epic Shit Media

Do Epic Shit Media

Social Media Management

Founded by the social media goddess, Gina Buggy, Do Epic Shit Media is a no bullsh*t social media management powerhouse dedicated to scaling brands one post at a time. Gina wanted her site to scream *authentic, rich girl, sass* so that’s exactly what I did. 

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Air Quality Treaters

B2C Services

Caprock Family Farms

B2B + B2C Hemp


B2C Hemp + Advocacy

Moon Men Visions

B2B + B2C Woodworking

Bogle Builders Inc.

Custom Home Builds + Contracting

Melissa Morrow Photography


Seven Point Treats

B2C Cannabis 

Long Form SEO Blogs

More available upon request

Shhh....Ghostwritten Goodies

Ever wonder what it's like to see the content production process behind some of the biggest brands on the market?​

I know I know, big surprise….they’re not writing it themselves. While I can’t share them publicly, you can take a sneak peek into my secret stash with just the click of a button. 

Don’t worry, I have permission to share these secrets.

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I write it, you reap it.

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