B.Fit Fitness

“I didn’t realize how badly I needed help with my messaging! Cydney offered me a few key tips on how I could better present a message to my audience after finding my business online. I was shocked at how implementing just these few things would clear up so many unanswered questions and leave the readers with the exact emotions we were intending to create. I recognized the gaps that my team and I had not quite filled and immediately hired Cydney to help us communicate to our audience with greater clarity. I can say with confidence that the level of professionalism and expertise she has provided has changed our relationship with potential clients. She was able to take the voice of our company and create written copy that speaks loud and clear to the intended reader. Passing on our writing needs to Cydney has opened up capacity for our team to refocus energy on other areas. We strongly recommend her services for the growth & profit of your business.”

Briana Arteaga